How do the Louisiana Grills work?


1.      The perfect BBQ experience starts with filling your hopper with all natural wood pellets.

2.      Press the 'Start' pad to activate the fan and commence the convection cooking.

3.      A motorised Auger Motor and Metal Auger Shaft deliver the pellets to the burn grate. The strength of the auger motor and the open design reduce the possibility of jams.

4.      Adjusting the temperature setting on the 'Digital Control Centre' board sets the speed of the feed, thus the temperature output. This control is fully adjustable, from 76c to 300c.

5.      The fuel burns in the burn grate, hot and intense. The fly ash is directed downward by the flame broiler and can be cleaned out periodically from inside the bottom of the barrel.

6.      A closed Flame Broiler protects the food from direct contact with the flame, perfect for smoking meats. An open flame broiler enables 'flame- kissing', ideal for searing steaks.

7.      The natural smoke flavour produced by the burning pellets, along with the flame broiler and convective cooking process, give food the savoury flavour and even cooking that is unique to pellet grills.