Brie Stuffed Burgers


1.3kg Turkey Mince

Burger Seasoning of your choice

200g Brie Cheese

Cranberry Sauce

1 -2 Red Bell Peppers



Pellet Suggestion:

Competition Blend


Slice the brie into pieces, roughly about 1/2in. (It’s ok if they aren’t all even, you can puzzle piece them together in the burger as needed, so don’t go crazy with measuring this!)


Put the turkey mince into a mixing bowl, generously cover with your favourite burger seasoning.

Mix the seasoning into the turkey, add additional seasoning if desired.


Once the seasoning is mixed into the ground turkey, portion the meat out into balls.

Place half of the burger patty on a clean surface, then add about 3 pieces of cheese to the center of the meat. Place the remaining half of the burger patty on top of the cheese. Secure the cheese in the patty by pressing gently around the sides of the burger.

Repeat with the rest of the meat.


Note: you don’t want to see a bunch of the cheese sticking out of the burger patty, make sure it is mostly covered by the meat, in the center, so it doesn’t get cooked off on the grill.



Preheat your Louisiana Grill to 180C.

Cook time will take approximately 20-25 minutes depending on the thickness of the burger.

Every 5 minutes, flip the burgers for even cooking.


Remove the burgers from the grill and make your creation!

Recipe By Louisiana Grills