Grill Accessories


We sell BBQ covers for all LG grills including the Champion.

Hopper Extensions

This wood pellet hopper extension adds 9kg of capacity to any Louisiana Grills BBQ. Easily fit it to your existing hopper and enjoy grilling for longer before refilling.


We sell a variety of shelves for Louisiana Grills offering additional preperation and serving space.

Cold Smoke Cabinet

Add this dedicated cold smoke cabinet to your Lousiana Grills for smoking and curing meats, fish or cheeses.

Chicken Throne

Make simple, flavourful, moist chicken with this porcelain chicken throne

Pizza Stone

Infuse real wood fired flavour into your fresh or frozen pizza. Can also be used for baking breads or rolls.

Grill Floor Mat

Protect your deck and patio surfaces with our oil and fire resistant grills mats.

It measures 52” x 32” and is suited for use with all LG residential grills.

Flavoured Pellets
Louisiana Grills wood pellets are made from 100% hardwood blends. There are no artificial binders or additives in their pellets. There are many different delicious pellets flavours to complement your meals.