100% All Natural Flavour

Our wood pellets are made from 100% hardwood blends. There are no artifical binders or additives in our pellets.

We offer many different delicious pellet flavours to complement your meals.

Georgian Pecan

Southeast delicate flavour. Smokey, bacon like flavour. Similar to hickory but not as strong.

New England Apple

Smokey, mild sweetness flavour. Highly recommended for baking but also great for cooking chicken, veg, pork

Pennsylvania Cherry

Slightly sweet but also tart. GIves a rosy tint to light meals. Great for cooking pork, chicken, fish or baking.

Texas Mesquite

Strong, tangy, spicy flavour. Think Tex mex cuisine. Great for cooking beef, chicken and fish.

Wisconsin Hickory

Rich, smokey bacon like flavour. Considered the "King of the Woods". Great for cooking beef, pork, chicken or fish.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel (Premium Limited Blend)
Strong, sweet, smoke with aromatic tang. Perfect for red meats, fish or baking.

Competition Blend

Perfect blend of sweet, savoury and tart. Used by many professional "Pit Masters". Great for cooking beef, pork, chicken, veg or for baking.